Welcome to Blessington Lake Boat Hire.

We want you to safely enjoy the beauty of this fantastic amenity with your friends and family.

We Cater for:

fishing outings

Fishing on the largest lake in Wicklow with 56 kilometers of shoreline which offers the angler excellent coarse and pike fishing.

family outings

Families that want to explore, learn how to row a lake boat, and find a secluded beach for a picnic.

Relaxing evenings, where you can take an evening row, just the two of you.
Bring a picnic - just row and drift.

Our boats

Our boats and engines are kept in top working condition with safety in mind.
We also supply fuel for the trip and buoyancy jackets (PFD's) for everyone aboard.

how to get here

We are easy to find, click on directions and map for a complete set of instructions and Google Map.

Scene from PS I love You Filmed on Blessington Lakes

Scene from "PS I love You" Filmed on Blessington Lakes

We promise you won't be as miserable as this lot!

Two Pike

Look at these happy Lads.